Monument Valley

screenshot1Monument Valley is a game produced by ustwo that in my opinion shows that video games can be a form of art. This becomes clear when you start a level as the art style is very crisp, minimalistic and the level really feels like a still life painting. Next comes the level design and gameplay which is Escher-like with you solving all kinds of optical illusions and physically impossible object puzzles. And finally through the main character. She is a cutesy princess, who throughout all the levels experiences a fairytale like story. I wouldn’t call the story anything very impressive as it’s pretty vague, but it did leave me feeling pretty satisfied. This however was also due to the short length and pretty quick progression so that the story didn’t drag on.

All in all, I wouldn’t consider this a great game as it’s very short, not very challenging and doesn’t have much replayability value. However I’d still highly recommend it as a casual game just to marvel through it at least once. And really, who can resist Escher like puzzle games anyway? As a last note, it’s available on both Android and iOS. The version I played was the original version (with the base 10 levels). Since then there has been an expansion (Forgotten Shores), which I haven’t tried yet (it’s unlocked after an in-game purchase).

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