Flawed casual games

This article will list the casual games I enjoyed playing but that weren’t good enough to get a separate spotlight / review. It will only include games that are at least somewhat good and I’ll update it once in a while with new games. For all these games you can assume I played the Android version unless I explicitly specify otherwise. I will also include when I reviewed them and which version I played as not every game will be the same on every platform and stay the same over time (feel free to let me know if a game heavily improved or got discontinued). The default sorting of the table will show how close the game was to getting a separate spotlight (higher is better). If you want to try any of the games, click on the version links (this will lead you to their store page).

Some more notes about my preferences:
– I have no objection to a game costing money or having ad’s, as long as I feel it’s a fair price for the amount of enjoyment I got.
– I generally have not tried the social networking / multiplayer features unless it’s explicitly mentioned.
– You can see these as multiple spotlight’s at once as I won’t go too in-depth for each game. Note: Some of these games have a huge following / their own wiki’s dedicated to them.

Here they are:
[table id=25 /]

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