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If you like watching a particular game as a movie (with no commentary and only the game play necessary for the story) then this article will be of interest to you. I’ve listed the video playlists I watched (and enjoyed). For those who are not familiar with this phenomenon: It’s something which has become possible with the advent of large HD quality video’s online on YouTube. I find it very useful for if I don’t own a particular system but are interested in the story of a particular game only released on that system or if I simply don’t want to bother / spend the necessary (continuous) time with the game play, but do appreciate the story / atmosphere (or want to re watch the story). Interestingly enough I enjoyed some of these more than real movies (and they can be quite long).

Notes about this list
– Naturally I’ll only include game movies I feel are worth watching story wise. No commentary is in my opinion essential. Also I will only include playlists I actually watched. And I’ll add new movies once in a while.
– I do like it if some game play is included so that the ‘movie’ appears as fluid as possible story wise (not too much though). And I find it interesting to see some of the mechanics going on.
– The order in which they are shown is indicative of which one’s I found the best (the top one being the best). Naturally this doesn’t say much about the editor as I’ll try to only include ‘game movies’ that are both high-resolution and well-edited.
– Feel free to let me know if there are versions of a movie you consider (much) better than then one I included here.

The list

#1 - The Last of Us (7 hours, added: 2014-12)

#2 - Bioshock: Infinite (3,5 hours, added: 2015-02)

#3 - Mirror's Edge (1 hour, added: 2015-05)

#4 - Until Dawn (4,5 hours, added: 2015-08)

#5 - Remember Me (2,5 hours, added: 2015-03)

All of the above movies are thanks to the effort of these editors
Yic17 (specializes in HD game movies with no commentary; also runs Game movies database, which has a pretty limited choice so far)
Dansg08 (has game movies both with and without commentary)
HassanAlHajry (generally very fast with game movies of new games)
Gamers Little Playground

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