The CRPG Addict

Do you enjoy reading in detail about someone else’s experience with one of the older computer RPG’s? If so, you are like me and you will probably enjoy the CRPG Addict’s blog. He’s been blogging since 2010 and has finished (and written about) hundreds of RPG’s. What appeals most to me, is that he doesn’t just do a short review or spotlight (like I tend to do), but he goes in-depth for each game. This will include how his play through is going (don’t expect a long play though, more of a story) and what the game’s strengths and weaknesses are and he even provides some background / historical context. It’s particularly interesting to read up a game you played in your youth and still remember fondly.

For some more information about why he’s doing this: First post and FAQ. Basically it boils down to it that he really enjoys CRPG and decided to make it his mission to play pretty much every older / retro CRPG ever released. Also worth mentioning are his criteria for inclusion and his master game list which lists all the games he played, will be playing and decided not to play. His writing is in general top-notch and there’s some good discussions going on in the comments. I noticed that every time I go and look at his site I don’t leave before having read about a game I used to play or some obscure RPG I never even played before. Note: I found the featured image here; it’s not actually used on his site at the time of this writing, but looks pretty.


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