Why does this blog exist?
This blog serves a number of purposes for me. First of all to offer a selection of high quality content that I enjoyed. Naturally not everyone wants to hear about all subjects I find interesting so I’ve made subscribing to specific categories as simple as possible. Secondly this seems like a fun way to structure my thoughts and get more proficient in writing in English while doing so. And finally I’m curious to see what will happen; whether this kind of setup will attract like-minded people or mostly just spam bots.

I don’t intend to make this a blog where there will be dozens of updates per day. Personally I like adding a number of blogs with irregular (relatively) high quality articles. Sadly enough there aren’t enough of those. So this will be quality over quantity.

What will I write about next?
My criteria for writing is that something was interesting to me / surprised me in a unique way. I’d like the blog to contain all kinds of references which I consider worthwhile / unique enough to let other people enjoy as well. If you want an article about a specific topic or want to suggest a cool topic I should know about, feel free to use the Suggest / Contact button at the top. I do have a long list of subjects I intend to write about at some point in the future.

What can you expect in terms of writing?
Most blog posts will be highly analytic. I’ll try to use a default setup for each post type. A review for instance will generally have my likes & dislikes. Also: My native language is not English, so I expect there will be a number of grammatical / sentence constructing errors initially. Feel free to let me know of any of those. I’ll probably try to keep article’s relatively short until I get more experience in writing articles.

How do I rank my video game reviews?
As I don’t intend to review any products I didn’t consider of high enough quality, my ranking scale basically is 8, 9 or 10. As this is pretty confusing when used in articles, I decided to use the following tags instead:
– Exceptional. This is basically a 10/10. It may still have some flaws, but I highly enjoyed it and it’s the best of the best in its particular genre (one of a kind).
– Very good. This is a product I can highly recommend. It will generally be the best or one of the best of its kind in quite some time.
– Pretty good. Pretty good in its particular genre and something I enjoyed. This may also be a flawed game with some very interesting mechanics / story.

How do I rank my casual game reviews?
The video game ranks don’t really apply well to casual games. I do want to classify them somewhat though, so I decided to use the following (non-exclusive) tags:
– Addictive. Basically it’s primarily a game ‘I can’t stop playing tag’.
– Ingenious. The game is primarily about game mechanics done well / innovatively (and it’s well designed / balanced).
– Mesmerizing. The game is primarily very well done in terms of aesthetics / immersion.

A game will only get posted if it scores well in all categories. Generally one of the three will be the main reason I enjoyed it though.

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