110711212642Blip is an unfinished comic, but there are roughly 1000 pages to read and I don’t regret spending my time reading those one bit. For reference: The last comic is from around June 2012 and the original site went down roughly two years later. Right now the comic can only be read by either going to the Internet Archive (direct link) or by downloading it ( link). Feel free to let me know if the second link goes down. The author of this webcomic is Sage Leaves (link: deviantart, spring) who hasn’t updated any of her (?) social sites either. Update 2016-02-04: Looks like Sage might be back with Blip. Link!

10The reason this comic really shines in my opinion is the storyline and characters together with the art style. First of all the storyline: The comic is about you experiencing the day-to-day happenings of “K”, a pretty average girl. However it’s quickly obvious that everything and everyone around her is not average at all (and to this she is completely oblivious). This means that while a lot of pages are about very mundane stuff there is most of the time some other storyline going on in the background. Later on in the story these become more pronounced as regularly some time is spent on the other major characters having adventures that tie in to the main story and are related to all kinds of folklore / myth’s. All in all, there are multiple layers to what is going on and it all ties together nicely (at least up to how far the comic has come).

Secondly the characters: Her three best friends are a witch, a vampire and a cyborg. Is that enough about the characters? Seriously though: I think the main reason the characters are strong in this comic is because a lot of time and effort is spent on fleshing them out and on the relationships with the other characters. There is a lot of dialogue / internal monologue going on and flashbacks for all the major characters. And aside from the four main characters there are also an entertaining cast of minor characters which include a number of angels / demons.

61Finally, the art style. I wouldn’t call the art top-notch in terms of its quality, but it has a really nice expressive style which is used very effectively to express the atmosphere and emotions of the characters. Each major character tends to have their own use of colors and many pages are very heavily influenced by how “K” is feeling; which also ties nice in to her apparent role in this universe. Another nifty feature is that some of the later comics are animated. The only thing I don’t really care for are some of the filler pages which tend to be more like sketches; I could have done without those.

In conclusion: Here’s a link to the TV Tropes page.


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